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Resume: online text
Published Works   (technical papers and software)

Recent Projects
Ab Initio Software Corporation

OuterLink Corporation
Satellite / wireless / internet based Automatic Vehicle Location and messaging / data exchange between mobile platforms and dispatcher office sites.

Distributed Systems
Communication and database infrastructure to support distributed simulations.   -   STOW RTI project

Distributed Systems Performance Modeling Office   (DSPMO)   -   (site shutdown)
Network verification, data collection and predicitve models for distributed simulations.

Intrusion Detection Systems
Networked based detection of unauthorized access.

Music - Jazz and Blues (mostly)
Bands, indie record labels, etc.

Clubs and restaraunts with music in greater Boston, New England and far afield

Club and concert calendars

Cycling related
Firefly Logo Firefly Bicycles : Boston, MA
Firefly on Tumblr

Time Trial: race timing and scoring software for the Palm OS

Personal page on the NEBC site

NEBC Kids Only Bike Race

Cyclocross Racing FAQ
I am very proud that CyclingNews.com asked to reprint this article I wrote several years ago.

Wheel building
Don't waste your time learning bad hacks - learn it the right way from Jobst Brandt

Web apps / web sites developed
iPhone apps - just fooling around...

CowParade Boston - June 2006

American Cup - June 2000 (site shutdown)

DSPMO - Sept 2000 (Apache server and web programming - site shutdown)

NEBC: Northeast Bicycle Club - 1995 - 2000
site moved and completely re-worked into a mixed up mess of good info, obsolete info and broken links - but gee, it looks so purty...

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